He had red curtains, I remember Because I grabbed them In haste While he was reaching into parts of me Nobody has touched, Ever.   He had red sheets They were satin I grabbed them The forth time He took me.

What I Want From You

I would ask for your love, But I have it In spades. I would ask for 20,000 kisses But I would just want 20,000 more. I would ask for the stars But I don't want you gone long enough from me To get them. I would ask you for more time But I'm afraid it... Continue Reading →

I Thought of You

Just as I sat down Looked at my phone Days in a row With nothing. As I heard a friend tell a story Of a coward That wouldn't pick up the pieces When she fell apart. I thought of you As I made the choice To make love to him that night. As I touched... Continue Reading →


Soft Like your fingers running down my back As I close my eyes So I can remember this moment For eternity. Soft Like the way you first kissed me Before you grabbed my hair And pulled me into you To kiss me harder. Soft Like the way you love me Tenderly, with so very few... Continue Reading →

Standing in the Room

I wish I was in Spain Standing somewhere You would see me Smile at you As you pass by. Would you know It was me? Would you pass by Or stop and talk to me? Would you be happy Or would I remind you Of how we loved?   What if I Were standing in... Continue Reading →

Feed Me

An artistic expression of fate In the arms of someone I'd love to know Shadows casting glimpses of our sin Yet not a soul will know. Hungrily eager to take a bite But our tongues won't let our teeth past. Hands in all directions Touching souls As well as skin Pressing bodies That exchange fluids... Continue Reading →


Dim lights hang down From the ceiling They are inside Deep inside The woman you love. Every single one A memory Whether good Or bad. Some things you do Will touch on these; Whether good Or bad. Her reaction to that touch Will  depend On your level of understanding Her.


Gently or firmly Let me count to three Taken, softly Simply let this be. Costing, nothing It hastens to the score. We want it so badly What are we waiting for? Briskly, not waning Let us take it all in. Breathing, deeply Never mention the sin. Bravely, deftly We want this all so much. Nearly... Continue Reading →

Would You Whisper?

The sunrise peeks into the window Sun greets our naked bodies Still so close to one another Yet no longer joined together. Every sense accounted for last night Tasting Touching Smelling Hearing Seeing. Some of them more than once.   If you had me Just one night Would you whisper Everything?    

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