Parts of Me

He peels back Parts of me To expose All of me. I wonder sometimes What he will turn me into With his touch.

Breathe Me In

Feel the contours of my body Not with your hands But with your breath On my skin.   Breathe the scent of me Of my hair My mouth My breasts.   Touch me not with your body But with the air You borrow From me.

I Don’t Have To

I don't have to touch you to know My life would be forever changed if I did. I don't have to kiss you to know I could melt into you if I did. I don't have to be your wife To know I want to spend a lifetime loving you. I don't have to ever... Continue Reading →


A fleeting moment between two Leaves them dancing around with words The beauty of all of it Is that it comes straight from their hearts. Artful rhythms beat tendancies As forgotten as the past is today Soft breezes clear the air of duty As he pronounces everything tenderly. We may cast a shadow upon a... Continue Reading →

The Hand That Touched Me

It is almost as if there are two parts of me One that everyone else talks to And the part that he talks to. When he  speaks to me It is directly to my heart It passes no gate. Today I spoke to him After not hearing from him For months. It was as if... Continue Reading →

I can taste something on my lips Like the softness of denial Not course, like disdain. I move it around my mouth for a while Before I realize I probably shouldn't be eating it. I feel something on my arm Gently moving down Towards my fingertips. I can't quite figure out what it is And... Continue Reading →

A bead of sweat rolls down my neck To the end of my nipple Where it meets your tongue. Will you taste the sweat from me That you caused? Will you touch my body With parts of your body Besides your hands?

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