I Knew That

It was a paradigm shift That ended with distant thunder. What once we held in high regard Now holds no truth for us at all. Within something beautiful There is something painful You can embrace that pain Or you can allow it to be your excuse. They told me I cried when the petals fell... Continue Reading →

A Candle

A candle burns in the distance Far away from him Far away from his heart. He stands and stares at a flower For days Wondering if he should pick it Or leave it where it is. His mind never thinking That maybe he can take it Replant it somewhere close to him. She sits in... Continue Reading →

The Truth

Can you pull shadows from the wall And make them dance in the rain? Take a few pieces of sand Make me a beautiful train? I've found I don't like the flow of a river Can you make it change its course? I trek a long and senseless path dear sir Would you mind if... Continue Reading →


A ridiculous amount of contention Within what was proposed The terms You know, The small print.   The apple didn't fall far from the tree It took hours to get away from me Though no walls surround me anymore at all. He acted like it was this terrible fight Yet I hardly recall the night... Continue Reading →

In The Shade of a Tree

Feeling so torn apart just now I find solace within my core. The screeching screaming aftermath Of always wanting more. Mental awareness has always been keen Yet I do my best in my worst. I'd like to tell you it is all figured out But I really need to fuck this man first. Morality is... Continue Reading →

Off To Meet Destiny

The angels beat a drum for me As the earth rises to meet my feet Nor a single undergarment is on Just a flowing pink dress. I am off to meet destiny Yet am unable to surmise Is she found within the core of man Or will she be a gentle surprise? Right now it... Continue Reading →

Destined To Fall

A beautiful woman resides in a village A lesson must be taught with time. She deals much in the way of life But rarely subsists within rhyme.   One day she plants a tree It is beautiful, yet small. She plants it in the Spring of the year Facing a Northern Fall.   Twenty years... Continue Reading →

He offered truth and strength to me I answered with my pride. Every time we lay the deal down My past and his future collide. Embers are dying around us While we try to fan the flame. Within us all is a fierce regulation With nothing good to gain. Armor cracks and skin can slice... Continue Reading →

There was once a tree in an orchard Three women lay in your bed A man in a robe walks up to you There are no flowers growing any longer.   It produced all that it could You don’t know any of them He says he knows your mind Because you’ve picked them all.  ... Continue Reading →

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