Back in Time

There was a time when the wind blew through the trees You could chase it down like a child grasping at a balloon. When the sun would warm your face Send shivers down your skin in warm delight. Remembering the past didn't make you feel afraid Of what the future might bring to you.  ... Continue Reading →

You Don’t Have Him

He may smile at you Even want to get you undressed And into his bed. He may touch you Look deeply into your eyes Tell you he wants you. He may say a thousand things A thousand different ways But tonight it will be different.   Tonight he'll get on the phone with me When... Continue Reading →


He peeled away layers of me, In seconds. Told me he would reach for the stars If I wanted one. Swore to me he would never leave And I believed him. This isn't sorcery Not a trick of the mind Or a slight of hand. He promised fields of ivory Seas blue as the sky... Continue Reading →

Take Their Turn

There was the writer So lost and angry He couldn't think his way out Of the art galleries He loved to write about. His pen wrote of love Very little of anything else Yet he couldn't find his heart For the life of him.   Then the artist So consumed in his own demise He... Continue Reading →

Owns This Land

There is a war going on Not the one the media wants you to see But the one behind the lines Behind the pictures Behind the scenes. It isn't over religion Or oil Greed Money Envy.. It is over entitlement Who has the most pure blood? Who truly owns this land?   I have news... Continue Reading →

How Is That?

If I have to Make my own coffee Talk to myself in the morning Make my list of chores Masterbate Warm myself Drive everywhere Take out my own trash Listen to myself complain Make my bed Clean my clothes Cry alone Console myself Remember who to trust. Get frustrated and have nobody To listen to... Continue Reading →


There was a sense of freedom in it all Being on my knees Begging for him to let me Do what I wanted to do. There was a sense of release in it all No decisions were made by me He made them all I just agree. There is a sense of trust in it... Continue Reading →

Healing Begin

Blowing past what she doesn't remember Lost to circumstances Well beyond her control. Once stood upon the top of her demons Pronouncing them gone Rewarded for the lost souls Though none of them were, really. Took torment to a whole new level As nothing happening around her Caused her concern, or dismay. The origin was... Continue Reading →

Breathe Again

Take it down a notch Your life began a few months ago When everything you thought of 'them' Was turned upside down By 'him.'   Acutely aware of the tension He still stepped into the fray What would be his cost? Maybe she'd run away.   Cussing his kind to the ends What was her... Continue Reading →

A Beautiful Idea

First, you let them know You are not there to hurt them That you find them beautiful Maybe even enchanting. You don't run up to them though, You sit and wait, Ever so patiently For them to begin To trust you No matter How long that takes. A beautiful idea I thought Until the time... Continue Reading →

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