He Only Has A Memory

Hurried around the place a bit Didn't know which to believe. Water runs parallel to the land Something was up his sleeve. He swears loyalty to his land Yet fidelity to the cause. Life continued without him Doesn't come with a pause. He sighed when he read the paper, She was about to be wed.... Continue Reading →

Ask Me Then

Touch on words You haven't spoken In years. Touch on feelings You haven't felt In years. Taste What you haven't In years. Touch What you never have. Seek The truth deep within me. If you want me You'll have to ask.

Do We Even Make Any Sense?

When the winds blow north Snow falls from the East We've never chosen the right direction Or seem to care where we end up. When we grasp at straws Pointedly in the direction of our souls Licking the rims of oceans Yet finding no sand. When I reach for you There is deafening silence Everything... Continue Reading →

They Never Told Her

Not a word was said of dignity They removed that like a core. The subjects we are speaking of Don't listen anymore. They never told her she was unwanted They simply left the room. While she sat dangling from confusion They carefully constructed her tomb. Life rapes an atmosphere That isn't ready for what lies.... Continue Reading →

Sixteen Points of Light

One in the direction of goodness There is no other form like this White, glaring, and understood A hit within a miss. The next in the direction of bad It has to be around What is lost within the darkness May someday, be found. Another in the direction of loyalty Beating in a heart forever... Continue Reading →

Spoke It Into Everything I Did

I willed it one day to be so Then spoke it into everything I did Promised myself solidarity With the integrity of a kid. I walk with the truth within me Spill it out every now and then. I understand continuity But don't know where or how to begin. There is beauty in hope and... Continue Reading →

The Truth

Can you pull shadows from the wall And make them dance in the rain? Take a few pieces of sand Make me a beautiful train? I've found I don't like the flow of a river Can you make it change its course? I trek a long and senseless path dear sir Would you mind if... Continue Reading →

You Want Her

Not quite enough to say hello Or to answer her message. Maybe not quite enough For forever; But a really good 'right now' Sounds great.   You want her just enough to lie About something little, or perhaps big. Just enough to get this sinking feeling When you think of what you would risk In... Continue Reading →


The ink hadn't even dried yet The tears dripped onto it Making the writing smear So only I could tell What it said Initially.   I guess he couldn't focus on me He couldn't quite see through the dust He liked the part where I gave my heart But his favorite part of it was... Continue Reading →

Before Loyalty

Back when words were a bond; They actually meant something Back when feelings were not fleeting; They actually lasted a lifetime. Before loyalty was ruined, With bad rulers, Before it was more fun To ruin a woman with a lie Than to free her with the truth.   A simpler time With the only rule... Continue Reading →

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