What I Believe

I believe there are more colors to a rainbow That what we can truly see. I believe there is more passion found in hidden places Deep inside of me. I believe wars are fought every day Only the evil survives. I believe that sometimes when I meet someone We've met in other lives. I believe... Continue Reading →

Will You Make Her Yours?

We can all plainly see This one enjoys dangling her off the cliff Then pulling her back in So he can be her hero. This other one tries But he's married With kids. Another is betrothed To someone He can never have Yet he wants her.   She's starting to think She isn't good enough... Continue Reading →

The Tragedy of Truth

What a tragedy it can be, The truth. Haunting or revealing, Exciting or debilitating, You can get lost in it Or found from it. It can be a little spark in you Or be the kind of fire People talk about For generations. It can make her want you Desperately Or want to run from... Continue Reading →

I Believe Him

He could tell me the wind was orange The sky was a odd shade of brown And life just means we aren't real I would believe him. Primarily because I know He wouldn't tell me those things. Instead he tells me truths About him Us Life. I believe him Because he is truth.

Walking Away From Danger

She smiled as she walked away From the danger she sat in for years. There was a moment she regretted everything Then the sudden insurgence of tears. Laid the note on their table To read at a later time. It wasn't the fact that she had no match It was that she never did the... Continue Reading →

The Mystery Within Her

Preferring to stay out of the battle Because she doesn't have the strength anymore. Stability comes in waves of mistrust That ends the day with a sigh. Truth be known, the only way To find out the mystery within her Is to be inside her.  

What It Held

A little red box He took a photo of one night With a simple promise To bring it to her one day.   Many days she wondered What was inside the red box Was it the right size? Would he get down on his knee?   Then one day she got her answer.   Within... Continue Reading →

He Doesn’t Believe

Something in his past left him broken Someone took everything he had one day. Now he can't see the good in life I'm surprised he even looked my way.   Something makes him a non believer In love and everything it entails. Sometimes I think he gets so lost Not in the whole, but just... Continue Reading →


I pushed the breather up against the wall Because those who breathe, tend to speak What they say, tends to elicit a response Right this moment, I crave silence. Born in the aftermath of hate With no regard for the life they made Pushed to the boundaries at Every single fucking turn. I've gotten up... Continue Reading →

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