She Is

She's a little bit of anger Mixed with some healthy sun. Something you knew you lost Then found out that you won. Some foresight into the future With a very jaded past. Maybe not the first you've seen But will definitely be your last. The sunset on a beautiful day Where thunder marks your night.... Continue Reading →

She Is Mine

I wait patiently for the day When he realizes He wants me; More than air Food Even clothing. When the desire for me In his arms Surpasses his need For autonomy. I wait patiently For the moment He wants me And tells me Everything Inside his heart.   I wait for the one That first... Continue Reading →

Dangerous Sense of Reality

I'm a sexy form of fantasy Dangerous sense of reality All rolled into one. I'm a hell raiser in the middle of the night An angel during the day With a mix of adventurous fun. I'm the sex you want that makes you yearn The abstinence that makes you burn Yet something simply delicious you... Continue Reading →

I Miss You

Voices fade to the background Where life goes back to what we know Instead of what we want. Sit playing with a piece of paper Wondering if I wanted you badly enough Perhaps you would just appear.   The curtains fall on a play Everyone has loved Nobody wants to move In case everyone will... Continue Reading →

From The Sea

Darkness ripped the night from me Stillness held me at bay I told the man I intended a free ride So I killed him when he wanted me to pay.   The law  held a candle in the wind Like angry people do For a minute I thought of flying pigs But none of them... Continue Reading →

Faith & Dreams

Give me some faith Give it today I don't have the strength To give it away. If I fell from grace It was due to the pain Caused from the hope That subsists within rain.   There are women in this world That you sit and wait for; They will pursue you, Relentlessly.   Then... Continue Reading →

A blank slate of wonderlust Caught in a bitter lie. "Do I tease the woman into submission By telling her I will fly?" I would like to take the credit for this But I'm unable to, alas. It's just a lonely man on a mission A simple clusterfuck ass. He really doesn't have to do... Continue Reading →

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