The Door

He blows it wide open The wind rushes around the room Papers are flying everywhere And I stay exactly where I am. He screams at me to come out the door "What are you waiting for?" As if my freedom meant something to him What would he gain by it? As fast as he came,... Continue Reading →

Except In The Rain

He tells tales interwoven with lies He's kept in his head for years If you call him on any of it It reduces the man to tears. A gloomy day he met his match In a battle of wits and charmed regale It wasn't the noblest thing to do Especially when one would fail. He... Continue Reading →


Every morning your coffee cup gets touched Your shoes get put on Like the rest of your clothing. Your coffee gets made The paper gets read As you ready yourself for the day.   Did you think maybe she'd want your attention? Maybe just to say hello That you are thinking of her right then... Continue Reading →

Like A Breath

Today is a new beginning A moment you can choose To define who you are. Or  recreate yourself Educate yourself Learn to love again Or fall in love With the same person You have been with For years. You can rip your shirt off And tell everyone That ever got in your way To try... Continue Reading →

I Walk Away

I walk away from you; Not because you intimidate me Or frighten me in some way. I walk away from you Because you are filled with such darkness And I am not. Because you hate And I don't. Because the evil has taken over you To the point that my goodness cannot be around you.... Continue Reading →

One Tiny Little Detail

It was an obscure little detail He may have forgotten to mention Like when someone is selling a house They conveniently forget to tell you about the leak But this one, this one could have changed the course of history It would have made her think twice About ever stepping foot into his life.  ... Continue Reading →


For so long it was lost to me I was caught indelibly between "Maybe I deserve this" And "All hope is lost." Maybe once I thought of running But I was caught in the greater pull Of those that would do me harm. It's a cycle and a terrible one Built for destruction, never for... Continue Reading →


He licks the rims of pools Claiming if he can taste people He knows everything about them Which led me to make mental note He will never taste me. Imagine yourself in a room With beige carpet And walls. There is no chair Only a table With a pen And a piece of paper. Written... Continue Reading →

What If I Told You

What if I said to you That you are no better Than anyone on this planet; That no one person Has a greater value Than another?   What if I said to you The hooker on the street corner Is your sister? Or that the love of your life Is sat in a bar And... Continue Reading →


*Poof* He was gone So I was left Dancing with broken branches. It was July and had begun snowing But only around me Which used to make me cold But I found solace in it. "See? He never loved you" Did dances around my head Then begun singing a song That I couldn't hear But... Continue Reading →

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