Why In Such A Hurry?

There's no rush Like the feeling you are falling From the air To land upon a cloud of disarray She left for you; In spades. There is no wrinkle Like the time you left Everything you had known Because the thought of walking away Was so attractive That absolutely nothing Could get you to stay.... Continue Reading →

To Abdicate

The lights and sirens were silent and dark When crept in a monstrous doubt. We seek, we yearn, we know the truth But we must never, ever shout. There were things left unsaid Like I shouldn't have caught the stone What was I supposed to do When you decided to abdicate the throne? Whispers are... Continue Reading →

You Have To Love The Mess

You can love so many things about her; The way she sips her tea without making that noise. Her eyebrow, when it raises as she speaks of something she is passionate about. Her scent in the morning. When she propositions you for sex in places you never, ever would do it in. Her beautiful, dirty... Continue Reading →

You Said Goodbye

I had a dream you said goodbye You walked up to me Took my hands into yours Told me I deserved a love Greater than what you could provide Kissed both my hands Told me how beautiful I was Then walked away.   I smiled Because my subconscious Must not remember That you really just... Continue Reading →

The Walk

Tenderly, as if driven by clouds I shut the door on everything tonight. The cool air surrounds me As the wind swiftly brushes the hair back from my face. The sound of my footsteps as I take every step; My thoughts lead me back to where my life is Thinking only of today In fact,... Continue Reading →

I Let Her Die

When he said To let it go I knew it was time I've been too slow.   Little blue eyes With very short brown hair When I closed my eyes I saw her standing there.   All alone So afraid Guilty as hell Of all the sins someone else made.   I let her die... Continue Reading →

He Didn’t Love Her Enough

For as many times as he said it The truth lies in the night he walked away Not even looking behind him To see the mess he was leaving behind. He didn't love her enough To stop talking it up with other women To stop lying to her about it Or to stop it from... Continue Reading →

It Isn’t Walking Away

When you are force fed So many lies He has written between lines of truths That it does your head in To try to figure out Through the years Which part of your life Was the truth And which Was a terrible lie he told you. He'll stomp the ground enough To make a grand... Continue Reading →

There Was A Time

There was a time You would have moved heaven and Earth To satisfy my desires. A time you would have taken a week To show me how much You loved me.   Now one minute is too long Moving anything is too much You've done what you are able And even all that was all... Continue Reading →


*Poof* He was gone So I was left Dancing with broken branches. It was July and had begun snowing But only around me Which used to make me cold But I found solace in it. "See? He never loved you" Did dances around my head Then begun singing a song That I couldn't hear But... Continue Reading →

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