Won't let him call her first thing in the morning anymore Or tell her everything she means to him every day. It won't let him text her how beautiful he thinks she is Or how he wants to spend a lifetime loving her. Has him listening to his friends about what a scoundrel she is... Continue Reading →

Secrets Wander

Jealousy isn't a door, it is a mirror, a reflection of your fears and thoughts.   A tender leaf falls to the ground We both watch its decent to death For those few seconds we are quiet Everything seems so still You notice me look to the ground Realizing we are at a turning point.... Continue Reading →

I Have To Listen To My Heart

I feel like I'm building up something To make a life with him. Then he tears it down angrily Limb from aching limb.   Sometimes I don't want to do it all I'd like to tear it completely apart. Then something happens tenderly And I have to listen to my heart.   We've both been... Continue Reading →

I know the trials you have gone through How life, and its entire meaning completely destroyed you. I know that so many adults that swore they loved you Walked away from you Including myself But I want a chance to explain Not my actions Because they will never be redeemed But my purpose. I want... Continue Reading →

Look at me carefully Into my blue eyes Because you may never see them again. Listen to my words The tone of my voice Because you may never hear it again. Watch me walk away; The empty space I leave Is  all that  you will see.

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