I stand watching them trying to climb the walls I've built Dangling one foot over the edge, While they beg me not to jump And I laugh at their naivety. Will you take me softly Or rip me competely apart? Would you be slightly interested In this war torn heart? Then one comes along and... Continue Reading →

Within Him

There was never a question for me Just unending answers from him. What life spoiled for me He made right. We walked together in darkness Because I wanted to show him parts of me Everyone else hated. I wanted him to know everything Inside of me; Behind the dusty curtains Deep within the walls Where... Continue Reading →

So Much

There is so much strength In the power of forgiveness So much hope In the heartfelt prayer. So much love In the heart of a woman Faith in the second She gives it away again. So much truth In a moment of weakness So much tenderness When he realizes he's in love. So much hurt... Continue Reading →


She didn't build walls To keep anyone out. She built them To keep herself together. So she could remember Who she was Why she was here What was important What was not.   She doesn't date every man she sees Because nothing within a man Is something she is lacking within herself. She doesn't feel... Continue Reading →


Years and years ago; Before you even thought of it Doors were slammed shut So hard, They could be heard For miles. Walls were reinforced Then reinforced again Just to be sure.   She looks like any other girl But when it comes to matters of the heart Or anything that requires attention On her... Continue Reading →

Aptly Named

When you pull her close and she won't look at you.. Maybe it is because she thinks at some point you will let her go. When you tell her you love her and she stands there speechless... Maybe it is because everyone that ever said that to her lied. When you tell her you want... Continue Reading →

Looked Around the Room

I woke myself from a self induced coma Began tearing down walls I spent years building up. When tired, there was rest When weak, there was sleep.   It was time to let everyone know That I planned on living life now So I screamed it at the top of my lungs Nobody would listen... Continue Reading →

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