I remember kissing you In the rain The water running down our faces Yet we didn't care Because we were in love. I remember feeling you Really feeling you In the middle of the night When there was only you and I. I remember loving you More than I loved anything, Wanting you More than... Continue Reading →

What I Want From You

I would ask for your love, But I have it In spades. I would ask for 20,000 kisses But I would just want 20,000 more. I would ask for the stars But I don't want you gone long enough from me To get them. I would ask you for more time But I'm afraid it... Continue Reading →

When You Can’t

When you can't let go of him Yet your fears fail to let you breathe. When you can't forget his touch Because it was everything to you. When the smile on his face Is the best thing you've ever seen In your life. When his love Is your world.   When you can't stop thinking... Continue Reading →


Are you looking for something that lasts forever Or maybe for just one night? Looking to make up for all you've done wrong Or make something finally right? Are you looking for a love that lasts a lifetime Or a wet hole to put your mess? You looking for a specific kind of woman Or... Continue Reading →

She Was

In a moment of complete clarity The thoughts began entering his head That she was the one Meant for him. He was told At the very last moment of his life This one woman From 30 years ago Was the answer To every question he ever asked. The dream He wished would come true. The... Continue Reading →

The Only

The only text you want to receive Only hand you want to hold Only lips you want on yours Only body you want pressed against you Only heart you want to keep Is the one you cannot have. He doesn't love you like that Can't keep your heart in his hands. There melting like candles... Continue Reading →

I Want You

Like last night I want your breath On my skin. I want you to want me Only me All night. I want to find you In the deepest recesses Of my mind And body. Traces of you In places hidden Within me.

A Beautiful Recalcitrance

Shined my shoes for a dance When there was no intention of my presence. Silence had always been my demise But force has always been my essence. Calculating nearly every step It took to get to the stairs. We open up with honesty Then tend to put on airs. Tightly fitting corset Black, for all... Continue Reading →

She Is Mine

I wait patiently for the day When he realizes He wants me; More than air Food Even clothing. When the desire for me In his arms Surpasses his need For autonomy. I wait patiently For the moment He wants me And tells me Everything Inside his heart.   I wait for the one That first... Continue Reading →

When We Met

When we first met I thought you were so strong; Fierce, but in a beautiful way. I needed you to rescue me Both from myself And from my life.   Later I wanted you to love me To be the one person To never walk away. Be the one person That believed in me In... Continue Reading →

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