Wrong One

For all I've chosen to do Just short of crying for him Laid my heart out for him to take Yet he leaves it lie there. Another is begging my attention Which is falling against my banging indifference Until one night I am weak The night I want to know I can be wanted. Laughing... Continue Reading →

I Just Wanted That

Sunlight hits the valley; The only sun they've seen in weeks. Tenacity is at the core of town Sometimes it just reeks. A fresh breeze runs through the middle of town Barely catching its breath on the way. Serenity is everywhere, But everyone knows it won't stay. Sin arrives at the town Takes everyone by... Continue Reading →

Let’s Pretend

Because tonight we have nothing Tomorrow is not promised And our yesterdays left us wanting. Let's pretend tonight we are in love; Say all the things to one another We've been wanting to hear For years. Let's waste some time Fragrant as a breeze That spread across the land As gently as the sun Lays... Continue Reading →


I remember kissing you In the rain The water running down our faces Yet we didn't care Because we were in love. I remember feeling you Really feeling you In the middle of the night When there was only you and I. I remember loving you More than I loved anything, Wanting you More than... Continue Reading →

I See You

I see you laying in bed with me Us talking, for hours. Our ten minute each Vows of love Before we consummate our 'forever.' I see our restaurant on main street Taking in plenty of guests. Our divine love taking us places We never knew existed. I see you taking my hand To lead me... Continue Reading →

Sometimes What We Seek

There are things we look for We don't even know we are looking Until we find it. Softly held with high regard Morality, honor, the lot. Two pieces of dust Spanning oceans Smiling at a sun they secretly admire One another from afar. Whispers never spoken Yet hearts screaming at one another Pulling Tugging Wishing... Continue Reading →

Sometimes I Do

Sometimes I don't care if he wants me. My wanting of him Is enough To both Drive me mad And Take my breath. Then sometimes I do.  

Hold Me

Though the wind surrounds me; Even when I scream For you to stop.   Forces change the course of fate When we don't know how to deal. Sometimes I lose the fight I've won Because I've forgotten how to feel.   There is a story I was told once About a very angry man He... Continue Reading →

Come Touch Me

You've heard me now My voice The inflection Insatiable wanting Of you.   My wordsmith Won't you write to me About my storm My night With you?   Wont you tantalize me With your words? Both in writing And over the phone?   Mmmm Won't you Come touch me?  

What She Wants

When all elements of the planet conspire She sits and contemplates certain ire. Wishing all the stars will align Then seemingly all will be fine. But something has to mess up the ordeal It isn't from wanton failure to feel. The last time she wanted a love she cried When all was said and done... Continue Reading →

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