A Flower Blooms

Hiding in empty fortresses Laid out every so often, Just so we can understand What silence sounds like. We sit and wait to catch our breath As another battle commences Right outside the door.   I struggle to find peace in a world So consumed with fighting They make things up Just to keep the... Continue Reading →

Both Were Prey

The scene was rather tragic Lines were drawn in sands Eyes were peering at one another As if both were prey. The fight costs more than lives It cost my soul Because that is what I bartered For my life.   Years later I found myself lost Wandering aimlessly towards a light I swear was... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Found

Quiet like a raging storm I head to the tallest tree. They found everything in battle But somehow lost me. One soldier handed me a rose Which I clearly threw on the ground. We came, we saw, we conquered But peace, we never found. On top of tree I could see the price All the... Continue Reading →

I Wasn’t Even There

In the shire we gloat our glory It is as if nobody won. I'd take the first, but not the last He's the tormented one. Furious words coveted our neighbor Held great disdain for the rule. Isn't it irritating when you think he's a stallion When really he is a mule? The stench of the... Continue Reading →

They Cannot Take

I shot past the point of no return Blasted for what I didn't know just then. I lost the one thing I was fighting for Because I forgot just then what it was. What began as a life full of promise Soon showed its true colors to me. When you are born from a woman... Continue Reading →

What Do I Want?

Coffee on a beach in the middle of nowhere Candles all around while we make love Silence in a world that makes too much noise Food taken from the glutton and given to the poor Anger and hatred to be wiped off the planet A moment of happiness for someone suffocating in grief An end... Continue Reading →

Delightful Entertainment

Flecks of darkness gleam my eyes Before me stands Ares. I smile because I know the truth Of what the sloth carries.   Ask him to start a war for me So large nobody wins. Everyone lays dying or dead Then the truth of lies begins.   I gather gold and silver pieces Hand them... Continue Reading →

Visit the Darkness

Sometimes I come out of my sunshine Out of the cocoon he protects me in Go running out into the storm Into the battlefield Where I used to fight. I take a deep breath in I remember the entire ordeal; The fighting and clawing The days and nights I thought would never end Yet they... Continue Reading →

Kill Me Instead

I wish I could take their pain away Wipe the tears from their eyes Walk into the war zone And scream for everyone to stop. I wish I could demand That everyone cease this fighting This killing These wars. I wish I could show them peace Hand it to them Like a gift. I wish... Continue Reading →

Owns This Land

There is a war going on Not the one the media wants you to see But the one behind the lines Behind the pictures Behind the scenes. It isn't over religion Or oil Greed Money Envy.. It is over entitlement Who has the most pure blood? Who truly owns this land?   I have news... Continue Reading →

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