Delightful Entertainment

Flecks of darkness gleam my eyes Before me stands Ares. I smile because I know the truth Of what the sloth carries.   Ask him to start a war for me So large nobody wins. Everyone lays dying or dead Then the truth of lies begins.   I gather gold and silver pieces Hand them... Continue Reading →

Kill Me Instead

I wish I could take their pain away Wipe the tears from their eyes Walk into the war zone And scream for everyone to stop. I wish I could demand That everyone cease this fighting This killing These wars. I wish I could show them peace Hand it to them Like a gift. I wish... Continue Reading →


You force a reaction from people Then are shocked at the response. The untimely demise of the ad campaign Left very little to the imagination. Help those who hunger for revenge You'll probably go to prison. They force us to put up their slogan That says something about fighting for freedom When we all know... Continue Reading →

Love Heals

There are broken pieces of you Laying all over the ground People walk by eyeing you Wondering what is wrong Why you can't pretend Like they do. You stand there motionless Wondering what to do first? Do you pick up the pieces you think you'll need? Or maybe just try to scoop them all up... Continue Reading →


I hear a breath in the distance I've heard it thrice before Crying and endless chatter Didn't end the lore. Forbearance is the hardest decree When we didn't settle the score. We cleared the battlefield of the dead But we didn't see the whore. He is the man that begun the battle We call him... Continue Reading →

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