He Sends Me Water

I ask him to send me something Important Just from him. To my surprise He sends me Water.

Within the Light

Sounds that force us awake Bringing tears to hungry eyes That cannot afford to try anymore. Fighting battles nobody can hear But all is consumed in greed Though the smells are few Within the light there were none. Shimmering stars as we greet the night Cries found in whispers we heard For so much as... Continue Reading →


I swam in a dismal nothingness for years Wondering why I was alive When everyone that loved me was dead Or gone. One day I reached a shore It took months to convince me it was safe To be on the land again To walk, to feel, to everything. I allowed the waves to gently... Continue Reading →

Where I Belong

It wasn't amongst the trees They gave me temporary solice But they didn't replace conversation. Not in the water No matter how deep I went Something made me struggle to the surface I found no solace in being immersed. Not in a house That was empty And cold. Where I belong Is a place I... Continue Reading →

You’ll Forget

Did you hear them say it stops hurting? That if you just walk away from her Eventually, with some time, It will all just go away?   You'll forget the way she talked The way she mispronounced your mothers name Which you knew was on purpose But never said anything.   You'll forget the night... Continue Reading →


I, Wish I could take it all away Swear then finally you'd stay But I don't know at what cost.   I, die a little more inside Every time I hear you cry And I don't know how to make it right.   I, know I've done so much wrong Through it all you remained... Continue Reading →


Waves of heat rising from the sand dunes Sweat running down your face Muscles in your body contract Begging for hydration Would you like a drink of water? Bodies entwined for hours Repeating the same act over and over With only lust filled gasps to take up the airwaves I wonder if they are thirsty?... Continue Reading →

A horse head exquisitely entombed into a photo of a tree, with its eye peering out looking at everyone. ‘There was once this angel embodied into this element, and you will have to tell me which one it is. I fear that I have lost the tablet that contained the words you will need in... Continue Reading →

Three tears fell from my cheek I made the sign of a cross on my chest With a thorn Picked from a rose bush Growing in the garden Of a non believer. I prayed over water To make it holy Then I drank it And told them When it came out of me They could... Continue Reading →

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