I Won’t

Water washes sins away But can also take our life. Surrounded by a poisonous gas Living within strife. Mountains are so beautiful They don't even have to try. Yet give one a little lava Let all that, touch the sky. I won't fight a constant battle Between what is beautiful, what is not. What is... Continue Reading →

From Placid to Hate

Twisted vines all around her, as she searched in vain for an exit. Since there wasn't one, and she wasn't willing to hurt herself to leave, she stayed. For days she sat, with no food to eat, nothing to drink, and finally succumbed to the bitter cold and malnourishment. Silly, don't you think, to face... Continue Reading →

A reminder of a time gone by I was instructed to forget. But it snuck in the room Quietly, like a snake. I freeze, in a panic Begin looking for my weapon But begin thinking of my shield I wield my sword around the room Confused About who is here to harm me And who... Continue Reading →

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