There is nothing Nothing Sexier Than when a man Whispers To you. It is in that moment You've gone into a place in him Even he can't kick you out of.

Year Eight

The eighth time I stand alone Ringing in a new year With nobody to kiss Nobody to whisper to me What a beautiful New year This will be.

Not All Of Me Shall Die

Spoiled rotten from what she thinks she deserves Handed over to the someone else to decide her fate A wanderer, with no family to claim her So there would be no reward. She handed a coin to the jailor Whispered to him "Primum non nocere." Then blew a powder in his face. He fell to... Continue Reading →

Would You Whisper?

The sunrise peeks into the window Sun greets our naked bodies Still so close to one another Yet no longer joined together. Every sense accounted for last night Tasting Touching Smelling Hearing Seeing. Some of them more than once.   If you had me Just one night Would you whisper Everything?    

Heard You

In the tender recesses Behind lily hung galleries An ocean of belief Crashing up against the pillar Of strength from my last thought. You whisper tenderly into the wind At night And I heard you.

Do Not Venture Far

What we were given Is all we are left with When chips fall When everything falls.   From the cradle to the grave She fought diligently For justice Though didn't completely understand why. Nor did she completely understand What justice was Whom it was that really served it Or why it meant everything to her.... Continue Reading →

I Felt You

I felt your nudge this morning As I was dressing Prompting me along Whispering "There are things I need you to hear."   I felt your touch When I closed my eyes Listened to the music The beautiful music That pounded the room.   I felt your hand on my shoulder As I had to... Continue Reading →

Here in the Rain

Stand with me Barren Alone Say nothing Not even a whisper. Let your eyes And your hands Say everything.   Let our bodies Dance to a rhythm Only you and I can hear.   Make no promises No demands Just stand here In the rain with me Until I figure out Whether I can give... Continue Reading →


Solitude is complex Yet simple, really. Like a drop of dew On a piece of grass That if you touch it Is no longer there. I have an angel That whispers to me But I hear him constantly. It is as if it were the wind And every time it blew You could feel it.... Continue Reading →

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