Out of the mouth of babes Angels get their wings Every time this man speaks I swear an angel sings. Finally get the reward But at such a terrible cost You'd think I'd won something But in reality, I lost. He lays me on the bed Tells me what to do A little part of... Continue Reading →

I Bet You Wish

I bet you wish you had her now Just laying in your arms. Wind surrounds the truth sometimes But recoils in your charms. I bet you wish you had one kiss From those tender lips of hers. Roots form indestructible trees All is fallen in the cures. I bet you wish you heard her voice... Continue Reading →

Wish It Was Me

So many times in my life I've sat here On this bed Wishing With everything I had - I was the one you were holding at night Or sitting on the couch with Watching a movie Or kissing. I wish that was me In that peach dress Waling towards you - About to become your... Continue Reading →

Forget to Breathe

Sitting in a comfortable home Thoughts swirling in my head My anchor is long gone Yet he remains In my heart. I sit with a pen Tapping it on my notebook Wishing for one minute with him But right now All I can do Is sit and write of our love What all he means... Continue Reading →

Wish That Was Me

When she's walking down the aisle Holding flowers in her hands Walking towards you With nothing but love in her eyes Hope in her heart I wish that was me.   When she's kissing you at night Laying beautifully in your arms Breathing softly on your skin As you both fall asleep. I wish that... Continue Reading →

We Wish

We wish we had the courage to meet Upon a hill one September night. Wish upon everything we knew That eventually we could get it all right. We wish we had the luck of many That end up completely enthralled. Wanting more than the escalation Of something we were never called. We wish we could... Continue Reading →


A white raven sits on a post Staring straight up into the sky. It's giving direction to the world at large Without the ability to fly. In one claw it carries a burden A foolproof way to lose. The other carries an iron rod That gives you the ability to choose. It sits and stares... Continue Reading →

For Every Moment

For every moment I've wished upon a star Someone else wished something bad. Every time I found happiness I also found myself quite sad. For every night I cried myself to sleep I had a night of complete bliss. For every day I believed in a dream I had a brilliant near miss. Every time... Continue Reading →

My Wish

I wish There were no pieces of you Scattered anywhere That you couldn't find That within me You found Everything.   I wish Everything revolved around us That what we wanted Within our hearts Was handed to us Freely.   I wish You were never hurt Never confused Angered Or brought to tears.   I... Continue Reading →

I Wrote For You

I took the heart out of my chest Laid it on the desk in front of me Then asked it to help me write Something that could convey How much you mean to me. It said nothing at all Just laid there. Then I realized You were not just in my heart You are in... Continue Reading →

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