A dizzying array of emotion Crashing into every available target Like a wave crashing upon the sand Then sliding away Only to do it again. Order and precedence Mean nothing To a group meant to harm Us all. The enemy is never without It is within.

A Distinct Difference

Life changes the course of atmosphere In direct relation to ones desire Not destiny. Hate produces just the amount of waste you need To feed a hunger in you That nobody knows about. The distinct difference Between life And death Is movement.   Movement stirs the beast within But stillness keeps it at bay. We... Continue Reading →

The Darkness Within Her

She has a darkness within her Untamed and unmanaged. One thinks he holds the key Burning his hand when it is used. Consecrated by the belief in her will She is both temptation, and the unrelenting. A force that you wish you could tame But know you cannot. She spreads silence like seeds To people... Continue Reading →

Hope Within You

The smile on your face Discussing the life You nearly wish you had. The dimple by your mouth When you laugh Is absolutely precious. The night you sat up all night Talking to me about everything But that.. The way you stand at the door Waiting for me to get close So you can open... Continue Reading →

Visit the Darkness

Sometimes I come out of my sunshine Out of the cocoon he protects me in Go running out into the storm Into the battlefield Where I used to fight. I take a deep breath in I remember the entire ordeal; The fighting and clawing The days and nights I thought would never end Yet they... Continue Reading →

The Mystery Within Her

Preferring to stay out of the battle Because she doesn't have the strength anymore. Stability comes in waves of mistrust That ends the day with a sigh. Truth be known, the only way To find out the mystery within her Is to be inside her.  


He didn't believe my story Of a woman born half wild She decided long ago to give up So she reverted back to a child.   Scores have tried to tame her To no avail all times. Though many of them have written Some very delicious rhymes.   Within her is a beast A treat... Continue Reading →


Within each person that thinks they are broken Is the wisest, strongest person you could know. Within every woman with scars of her past Is a light that nobody can ever extinguish. Within every man that had his heart broken Is a man that knows how to love, how to not let go. Within every... Continue Reading →

There Are Your Eyes

There are your eyes They are within her And you. She gave them to you As a gift As she gave you life. No matter how she left No matter how she lived You will always have her eyes And her life Within you.

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