In A Crowd

Standing alone in a crowd Begging forgiveness from those Whose life means nothing To the one standing at the gallows. Unrelenting details of life That death wouldn't keep track of. Unsteady on her feet She begs to stop everything; But nothing stops.   The burning ache within Holds itself accountable For all she lost Nothing she... Continue Reading →

Night Life

During the day Her hair is pinned up Not a hair out of place. Her Christian values Outmatch Any moral code You may have. Her night life though Is much different. She dances with strangers Nothing is off limits.     She shines a little more at night Where angels and demons meet. She'll take... Continue Reading →

On The Shore

Found with dust particles Nowhere Yet everywhere. The seen The unseen. The found The lost. We fit in molds Easily. Most of us discarded Like waste. She found a shoe once on a hill Climbing for days she was lost. The smell of freedom finally came to her So again, did the frost. Built a... Continue Reading →


When you ask I whisper back to you Exactly What I want And where. When you say Hard Or Soft? What do I want? Tonight I want it soft. Like the beat of a beautiful song You play for me at night. When the stars begin to shine And there isn't a soul in sight.... Continue Reading →

What If..

While you were just getting off Having a little fun Teasing Taunting Throwing some words at This woman She Was falling in love with you? What if when you left her She had to get over you Throw that cup you used away? Try to stop thinking about you? What if That woman Was the... Continue Reading →

The One You Cannot

I don't want to be the one you forget I want to be the one you cannot. I don't want to be the woman you get a text from And shut off your phone. I want to be the one you get a text from And smile at your phone Regardless of where you are.... Continue Reading →

Plan What?

Having your true love Right there, Yet she doesn't really want you, So you taunt another. The other, plan B, Feeds your ego Makes you feel wanted Makes you feel loved, But you don't really want her, Unless your true love Doesn't quite work out. You play the game Until plan B Realizes who you... Continue Reading →

She Is Your Sin

She's the one you won't take home Because your mother would wring your neck. The one you don't talk about Because everyone knows she's a train wreck. She is the battle you've not yet fought In a war nobody wants. The reason you don't sleep at night Because her memory haunts. She's seven digits on... Continue Reading →

She Could Have Been

Far across the room you see her; The eyes and hair of an angel Yet you don't speak to her The few moments you have. She could have been the one for you The answer to everything you seek She could have been the one that loves you More than anything or anyone ever has.... Continue Reading →

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