From my core I scream of abandonment The scratches are still fresh from the last fight. Warnings I never took too seriously Though someone, somewhere claims they are right. Danger lurks in every cell of my being Even thinking of opening up makes me wince Society thinks I am weak because of that But words... Continue Reading →

Why In Such A Hurry?

There's no rush Like the feeling you are falling From the air To land upon a cloud of disarray She left for you; In spades. There is no wrinkle Like the time you left Everything you had known Because the thought of walking away Was so attractive That absolutely nothing Could get you to stay.... Continue Reading →


There are days when you will need to remember The action that caused the pain. The hurt that defined a decade of your life Stolen years from children they will never get back. You will need to dig into your sadness Carry with you the burden of hurt While wishing all of it would go... Continue Reading →

Standing Next to Death

Swirling winds around me Lifts my hair in front of my face So the only thing I can see Are traces of who I was Before this unnatural storm. Rain starts hitting my shoulders As I stand to reap What, apparently, I deserve. Tears get lost in the raindrops Because there is no reaching out... Continue Reading →


Ships tend to come in spades When knocking on devils door. Silence rips an atmosphere When she begs for sudden war. A candle burns a rope in half To your sudden and urgent dismay. We beg for mercy from our captors But they've all just come here to play. One mark upon a letter Makes... Continue Reading →

Forget to Breathe

Sitting in a comfortable home Thoughts swirling in my head My anchor is long gone Yet he remains In my heart. I sit with a pen Tapping it on my notebook Wishing for one minute with him But right now All I can do Is sit and write of our love What all he means... Continue Reading →

Within Him

There was never a question for me Just unending answers from him. What life spoiled for me He made right. We walked together in darkness Because I wanted to show him parts of me Everyone else hated. I wanted him to know everything Inside of me; Behind the dusty curtains Deep within the walls Where... Continue Reading →

Gray Coat

I see your brown eyes Wishing all the waves away. See them dancing in the moon As everything goes your way. I see your gray coat closed to all the weather Because life has decided you needed snow. It hides the lines you wish weren't there The frown you wish you didn't show. I see... Continue Reading →

The Only

The only text you want to receive Only hand you want to hold Only lips you want on yours Only body you want pressed against you Only heart you want to keep Is the one you cannot have. He doesn't love you like that Can't keep your heart in his hands. There melting like candles... Continue Reading →

Not Broken Anymore

I pushed past the point of healing To the point of believing in myself again Trusting myself Knowing that I can do right Am intelligent Beautiful Everything I had hoped to be.   When he came to me Hands open I whispered to him "I'm not broken anymore"

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