You Need To

Sometimes you need to mute the voices Listening to the sound of nothing, Rather than hear the sounds of the naysayers Or the ones with nothing to say That isn't negative. Sometimes you need to close your eyes Walk right into the fear that is holding you back Never turning around. Sometimes you need to... Continue Reading →


Have you ever wondered where inspiration comes from when writing a poem? Most probably assume it always has something to do with me, and most of the time that assumption is completely wrong. I Really Don't Want This - I spent the weekend with a dear friend of over 30 years that just got out of... Continue Reading →


The very first thing I ever wanted in my life Was a family. A bunch of people All related to me That had to love me Because I was theirs. The very second thing I ever wanted in my life Was a man to love me All his life Nobody else. I'll let you know... Continue Reading →

I’m Sorry for the Rain

There is sadness every hello Happiness in goodbye We can sit and wonder where it's gone Or even ask why. I cause fear in the unknown Terror over nothing Sadness in times of getting somewhere Nothing when you sing. The lack of words when you are writing A voice that never speaks Sound when you... Continue Reading →

I’ve Written

I've written about the one that got away The one that wouldn't stay The one you couldn't wait to get out the door.   I've written about songs that you hear How delicious is beer? And sex that would make you lose your mind.   I've written about the family so screwed up About Scotland's... Continue Reading →

He Thinks I Write

He sees the words He thinks I write But he is oh so wrong. They don't come from me.   It's a song I hear in my head Then it bugs me until I go I must sit down and pen this out After that I can sew. Then it's in the shower The song,... Continue Reading →

It Won’t Be Me

I craft life In waves of uncertainty As if yesterday Were so different From today. I escape truth Write words One after the other Until I forget to breathe. Stay sane Through knowing Something At some point Will relent But it won't be me. Tears I've wasted One with your name Became fuel for me.... Continue Reading →


I have a messed up version of reality And this anger thing, really I'm not good with times and dates Have no clue how to make chili. Not the best at keeping track Don't care about the score In the daylight I'm quite the lady At night I'll be your whore. I'm shameless when it... Continue Reading →

Heaven Can Wait

You'll have to wait for me I'm not ready yet Death will have to take a back seat To everything I need to do. There are children that require my attention Many deeds I've left undone Words I haven't spoken yet People I have yet to touch With my hands Not my words.   Heaven... Continue Reading →

You Can Read

You can see it all in writing Right there before your eyes They are all the complete truth The man doesn't tell any lies. You can read about the places he's been And where he wants to go He has a fantastic rhythm A really hypnotizing flow. You can read about his adventures The women... Continue Reading →

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