Not Strangers

We are not strangers, you and I. My child may not have died But I have lost one to a terrible man With an affinity for the courtroom. I may not be addicted to that particular drug But I know what it is like to have the devil sitting right there Taunting you to do... Continue Reading →

Very Basic Rules

A large room filled with bodies Most of them talking About whatever is important to them Just then. One by one we fall to grace; Die by the sword As we should Because nobody likes someone Raised in his image That cannot seem to follow Some very basic rules. I drive too fast Smoke too... Continue Reading →

Don't Wake Me

If everything that ever happened I could reverse Or make it So it never happened From the moment of my conception Until right now I would choose not to.   Seeds that were planted within me Grew with no support at all They were never cared for Never nourished Yet they grew to be this... Continue Reading →

Upon Corcomroe

Silent storms upon a land of rock Leaves all intention in the wake Of a storm that went through Yesterday.   Seemingly love is the most still When we don't think of it. Yet upon the land lies Corcomroe Which is always where we laid our hearts.   I touch the stone outside It reminds... Continue Reading →

The End

A beautiful gift she thought she would share with the world Now she is thinking it has only brought into her life bad things. People, that used that gift against her To either lure her into wasting her time Or to try to steal a heart she had hidden so deeply away.   A strong... Continue Reading →

For You, Not Them

You may not like every word I write Or believe in your heart it is true. I'm the aftermath of love gone wrong A woman a little bit askew. I've taken risks and lost it all Believed in my heart a lie Been the butt of jokes I didn't know Felt smaller than a fly.... Continue Reading →

I Want To Touch You

To feel your breath on my face As we make love in the dark. Your fingertips on my back As I glide up to your face. Hips meeting mine As we meld into one. All of this and more I want to touch you.

Nothing Good To Gain

Darkness kills the light at times But it never dulls my pain. I'd like to say I've tried my best But I've nothing good to gain. Trails of tears left behind me With your name on every one Kept me for reaching for the sword But didn't deter me from the gun. Now I stand... Continue Reading →

The Conundrum

They say an eye for an eye But usually what we find Is the person doesn't have an eye That is doing wrong. A blazing saddle was left once By a man that didn't know how to ride But when finally tracked down He never even owned a horse. Crying in the rain sounds beautiful... Continue Reading →

Writing From Hell

Flames shoot up around me Though I throw a blanket around me for warmth. Solitude is my prison Fortitude is my virtue. Grab the nearest pen to me The pad of paper I keep laying on my bed. I make only a note of how I want it to end Then allow my mind to... Continue Reading →

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