When you feel like you are at the top of the world There isn't anything you cannot do The world falls at your feet As you walk past. When he makes you feel Like nothing you do is wrong. Remember this In one second That same world The same person Can make you feel Like... Continue Reading →

Sometimes I’m Right

There are times that I'm right Some times that I'm wrong. There are times that I'm so weak Some times that I'm strong. I know what to say In just the right time I know how to write I know how to rhyme. There are men that I love Men that I hate Some I... Continue Reading →

Come Here

The moon whispers to you Do you hear it? It's telling you to gather courage Put all fears aside What is right What is wrong We are somewhere in between. Right now Is all we have As nothing is guaranteed. If you are listening To the moon It is telling you To come here.


Doors blow open just once Because it isn't for show. Minds are blown open with varying degrees of certainty. The very last thing she wanted Was the very first thing she got. Maybe she thought she deserved it somehow But it became something that defined her Until someone came along To point out How wrong... Continue Reading →

From The Moment

From the minute she was able to She withdrew the feelings of concern. Everything to a back seat To the stars and heaven above.   From the moment freedom came to her She was able to discern Right wrong, or indifferrent Sang very different tunes To a lady acutely aware Of the outcome.


I made a terrible mistake one day Thinking I was making a terrible mistake. Now as sitting and crying have become the norm The realization of what I have done overwhelming me. Get angry at myself for stopping you From loving me. I heard what you said to me Realize now that what I did... Continue Reading →

Have I done something wrong? Did I not do it right? Did I say something badly When we spoke late that night? All those things that you told me Do you take it all back? Met someone better Or got a little off track? Have I lost you for now? Or lost you forever? Did... Continue Reading →

Maybe he is a charlatan Womanizer A little boy without a clue. Maybe he doesn't Take you seriously Value your love Honor you as a person. But what if you're wrong? What if he was meant to be your treasure? Your oasis? Your calm in the storm? What if he was born Just to teach... Continue Reading →

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