He decides his life is over

Tonight will be the night.

Everything will suddenly end

Especially this big fight.


He decides to use a weapon

Today will be a gun.

He left a note for mother

And his only living son.


A crescendo to what was

A beautiful mess of a life.

Ends tonight with freedom

Away from his estranged wife.


He drives out to the country

Holds the gun up to his head.

Prays to god to end his pain

And take him when he’s dead.


He decides his life is over

Tonight will be the night.

No longer will he be around

To be her bitter fight.


Suddenly his phone rings

He looks down to it in a hurry.

Wondering who in the world

Would spend their time in worry.


He thinks nobody cared in life

So why would they care now?

His green truck now littered in red

As in the silence of the forest is a POW!


Now you hear nothing

But the tone of his phone.

His wife leaves a message

She’s tired of being alone.

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