Some Exciting News

I haven't had a book come out in a while, and I'm proud to announce that my book "The Colors of Me" was released on April 28th, 2022. It has some of my poems from here, but a few were written just for the book and are found nowhere else. If you'd like to take... Continue Reading →

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From my core I scream of abandonment The scratches are still fresh from the last fight. Warnings I never took too seriously Though someone, somewhere claims they are right. Danger lurks in every cell of my being Even thinking of opening up makes me wince Society thinks I am weak because of that But words... Continue Reading →

I Wish

I wish I knew what toxic really meant To keep her far from harm. I wish I knew the words that were spewed Upon that dangerous farm. I wish I could have kept her safe From terrible words and deeds. I wish I could have tended to her; Taken care of all her needs. Now... Continue Reading →

She Can’t Fly

Thorns running through bushes Can never change this fable. Nothing in the core atmosphere Can ever move that table. We wander around so diligently Though we never see a thing. Life doesn't enrich the plan For some it's really just a game. I see her walking here and there Getting so much done I wonder... Continue Reading →

I Am Not

I am not your hero darling Never claimed to be. Within the ball of trust you hold Does not contain me. I am not the candle on your table I'll never be your flame. With dignity comes multitude of trust And I just can't play that game. I am not the angel on your shoulder... Continue Reading →

Your Valentine

Blood dripping from the end of my sword Like words falling from your lips. Atrocity is what falls in line When we stand at the station waiting for ships. Trying to write this loving poem All I can think about is your eyes If I poked them out with a fork Could you "feel" the... Continue Reading →


It was an arbitrary decision Based on some recourse. Would like to say we hit the scene But you can't put the cart before the horse. Hours pass by without the smoke We settled upon the land. Would like to say I would help you But I just do not have a hand. Hungry for... Continue Reading →

Cat & Mouse

It's a game of cat and mouse Hide and seek Where is he at? Does he like me? Will I notice his motives? Try to run away? If I do, he certainly won't follow It's just a game to play. Flirt a little Then ignore Days on end "There's the door!" Maybe I won't notice... Continue Reading →

All About Me

I was flying right along in life When it suddenly occurred to me That everything people were saying was the truth. I can be bitter like the cold hard wind And soft like a blanket and gin Or hard little a bitter cold truth. I can be fake like your mother in law Stable like... Continue Reading →

Dark Horse

What if I am the one Meant to melt the walls that forsake you? Clean the path of the future So you may walk unabated by the obstacles. What if In clearing my mind of the past terrors Meant you would never have any again? What if the ones that took us for granted Led... Continue Reading →

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