Sometimes I think back of you

Remember how we were free.

Thoughts provide my solice

I don’t think too much of me.

Give what I can at the altar

Then lose it all in a bet.

I’ve come to take my test, dear master

May I fly you to Tibet?

Forgot you were my silence

In an endless, aching need.

Forgot the lying about your life

You didn’t even have a steed.

Cried the last time tonight

On my pillow of regret.

Tonight I’ll take a drink of this

My master says will make me forget.


Where Everything

Life beats a drum

I’ve never been able to hear.

Storms bring an aftermath

But never made it clear.

I’ve wandered through time and space

To find a new affliction.

Where everything I thought was free

Was suddenly my addiction.

Which Part of you to Take

You are the wind that blows on my shoulder

Sun that shines on my face,

A part that went missing in a puzzle

That suddenly found its place.

The aftermath of a terrible wreck

Where not a single person was hurt.

The moon in a beautiful sky

A delicious homemade dessert.

Freeing as the scent of lust

When someone takes the core.

Being called the crux of redemption

When you know you are the whore.

Having fallen out of your graces

I shudder at the thought,

Thinking I am what I was

Forgetting what I’m not.

Delirious is a woman that cares

When this much is at stake.

Today I don’t know what to leave you

And which part I should take.

Because He Lied

Threw a rock into the river of silence,

When a storm didn’t pass.

Took the force of dignity to a new level

When I told him to kiss my ass.

Worried when I was told the truth

That it was a lie instead.

Stole what I could of integrity

Though dying, wouldn’t take a piece of bread.

Stood in the middle of rain

Screaming for salvation.

When it didn’t come to me immediately

I gave into temptation.

Kicked a stone and hurt my foot

Then cussed the nearest stranger.

Fortified walls to protect my heart

But don’t worry, it was never in danger.

Held divinity between sullen teeth

Bit a rabid dog.

Knew it wasn’t going to last

And I fucking hate the fog.

The only reason I stay somewhat sane

On the day that man died,

Was I thought for a moment he loved me

Because of the fact that he lied.



Life contains rewards

Sometimes artificial ones

That we sacrifice for the crow

Jokingly telling us we are wrong.

Unbridled in the way I embrace it

This life, not meant for me.


Breathe Again

Sometimes I like to hold my breath

Just to see how long I struggle

Before I finally let myself breathe again.


Why In Such A Hurry?

There’s no rush

Like the feeling you are falling

From the air

To land upon a cloud of disarray

She left for you;

In spades.

There is no wrinkle

Like the time you left

Everything you had known

Because the thought of walking away

Was so attractive

That absolutely nothing

Could get you to stay.

There is no truth

Like the one you hold onto

Every single day

Even though a lie

Could break you.


Why in such a hurry to fall

When you know

You can’t handle it?


The Rose

Fragrant like the air that surrounds

The life it holds within.

Sweeping out the force of nature

Breeding out the sin.

Hold tightly to the light inside you

Cry angrily over the loss.

Try to hold true to everything

While slowly letting go of the cross.

Nary a soldier stands in your defense

Yet you stay true to the course.

Defiantly walking a broken path

Refusing to ride a horse.

The rose he carries is a tragic reminder

A past he long forgot.

He took what he could of your heart

Left the rest of you to rot.

Hearing Nothing

Screams from a forest

About to devour a small child

Reaching, grasping for air

She’s never able to obtain.

Grieving a small part of me

A lifetime quickly passes by

As I drive past that forest

Where I let her die.


Scenes play out in my mind

Reminders of all I lost in a fight,

That was never mine.


Hearing nothing from those meant to protect me

I carry on with a life

Where the secret of the forest

Nearly devours me.

I Didn’t Want To Be

I didn’t want to be the one

That took the price you paid

Went on an angry heist

Just to show you what you made.

Didn’t want to be the woman

Taking from the source

Burning down your ranch

Just to take a horse.

I don’t want to be the one

You forget along the way

Because I never left a mark,

Just the wound.