I swallowed my pride one day

And handed my foreboding to you.

Kissed a frog that was just a toad

Under his tutelage I grew.

I’ve stepped in amnesty

With no intention of recourse.

There is no shame in baring yourself

With the right person, of course.

I’ve whispered secrets into the ears of nymphs

That I knew were out for blood.

One never proves alliances with fools

When standing before a flood.

I’ve  wandered aimlessly lost sometimes

Overreacted to little things.

There is a synonym for passion

But it’s only told to kings.

I lose myself inside appetence

With no regard for the vicissitude.

A chance to lose myself inside a soul

Without being subdued.

There is a triangle of love

At the top is your soul.

The bottom two are heart and mind

Without them all, it isn’t whole.

I have lost myself in love

Only to find out it was a lie.

Taken chances only fools would take

And turned out be the bad guy.

In a love like this though,

The triangle in which I speak.

There is no end to the dimensions

It’s a love, not meant for the weak.

©Josephine Ranes, 2012

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