Declan Sharma said this about this write and song he has done:

This is my collaboration so far with incredible American author and poet Josephine L. A. Ranes.
It is fair to say that this work of hers changed my life.
Moreover – it SAVED my life.
I kid you not.
The powerful inconvenient truth herein enabled me to recognise the damaging toxicity and unconscious duplicity of someone I was close to at the time.
The words resonated deeply with me.
The inconvenient truth even more so.
Eventually I broke free.
I have no choice but to sing these words.
I am forever indebted to JLAR as I call her.
These were just rough recordings made in my kitchen on my phone.
Once part 3 has been completed, I hope to get a recording studio version of the whole opus.
Listen. Read. Enjoy. Break free.”

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