I was held in dark contempt

For screaming too loudly at the wind.

Then lost all respect for mankind

Because of one that did me in.

Shadows fall in aftermath, I thought I heard a sound. A whisper came all to late, the lady hit the ground.

I glide through a season without knowing

It not only changes the surroundings,

It also changes me.

Once, I thought I was the devil, he told me it was so. I tried to find my way to hell, but I didn’t really have to go.

One specific moment of my life

That defines me

Is the moment

I had nothing.

I shared my body with a man, that knew nothing about love. Ashamed and taken aback by his trysts, I gave him a nice hard shove.

When you look in the mirror

It isn’t you that you see

It is merely

A reflection of you.

I stand before a mirror in darkness, but I cannot really see my eyes. My heart doesn’t show its tenderness, nor its tender side.

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