I have stood at the edge of death

And I wasn’t afraid.

Looking at it defiantly as if it taunted me.

As if it wanted me to go and I wouldn’t let it

But not because I didn’t want to die

I really did.

I just didn’t want to give into something

That wanted me desperately to be there.

I didn’t cry as I stood there

I knew it wanted me to

Because I was so close to it.

I knew as I asked

For anyone that loved me to show up

That nobody would arrive.

Do you think I’m crazy

Because I care nothing for death?

Or maybe because I think that life

Somehow fucked me?

That the two people

That brought me into this world

Would make sure I never had

What I always wanted

More than anything?

Maybe I should have died that day

Sometimes I wish I would have jumped.

Sometimes I wish I would have died.

Sometimes I wish the world was safe.

Sometimes I wish America would just wake up

Stop policing the world

Stay out of everyone’s business

Get the fuck out of other countries

And leave them be.

Sometimes I wish I would live.

Sometimes I want you to think I’m crazy.

Sometimes I want him to wonder whether he wants me.

Sometimes I wish someone would listen.

Sometimes I wish everyone would shut up.

Sometimes I wish someone would speak.

Do you think I’m crazy?

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