A facade is running rampant around here

Though nobody seems to be able to find the switch.

It takes a gamble to win a war

But for a cure you just need a witch.

A potion I made for the man in blue

With the yellow stripe on his arm.

He fell to the ground with his head hanging out

Then he wished he was back on the farm.

When you cannot get them to understand

Because they lack the function in their brain.

You can plant all the seeds you would like dear friend

But you will never, ever make it rain.

They play ‘pin the tail on the donkey’

And call that a sporting game.

Then stand at the water cooler every day

Talking of fortune and fame.

I’ll hand you a cross but it won’t make you bleed

You’ll understand its curse.

Then find the woman with the broken arm

Place it gently into her purse.

You don’t understand the fable

Yet you always understand the score.

You always have it harder than most

Then you watch as you rip out her core.

Whimper, you do at the slightest misdeed

Then tell her you hate her most.

I wonder if while you dine with richest

If you sit around and boast?

I’ll cry in agony for all you have lost

Then sit and wonder why.

After all is lost and she turns to dust

I’ll turn your ass into a fly.

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