I Don't Want To Know

I don’t want to know what your favorite color is

Or what you ordered for dessert tonight.

I don’t want to know what kind of car you drive

Or where you were 3 hours ago.

I want to know what you do when you hear the rain on the roof

When you look down and see a beautiful flower

Or look up and see a beautiful woman.

I want to know if you would open the door for a harlot

Or if a woman with a face that does not please you could still capture your imagination with her mind.

I want to hear about the times you fell on your face

Sure of something ~ So absolutely sure of it, only to find out you were wrong.

I want to know what you did the last time a woman told you she didn’t love you anymore

What you think of when you lay down at night with nothing to distract you from the darkness or the silence.

I don’t want to hear the fancy words of a salesman as you try to find what could please my ears

I want to hear where you have been

How many times you stumbled

When last you cried

When last you loved

When the last time was that you sat and listened to someone as they were explaining why they were hurt

What you felt as you listened to them

If you offered advice

And if they took it.

I don’t want you to tell me all the terrible things about your ex

I want you to tell me why you loved her

What it was about her that captured your attention

Kept you with her the amount of time you were

I want to know what she did to you

How she made you feel

When you were at your best with her.

I want to know why you gave up on that

Why you walked away

And how that made you feel.

I want to know why you fight for nothing

Why everything and everyone that meant something to you at some point

Means nothing to you today

And why you think

I would be interested

In being part of your past.

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