The End

A beautiful gift she thought she would share with the world

Now she is thinking it has only brought into her life bad things.

People, that used that gift against her

To either lure her into wasting her time

Or to try to steal a heart she had hidden so deeply away.


A strong vibrant woman once lost herself

In a sea of orchestrated attacks.

Allowing it to consume her was her crime

But theirs was much more heinous.


The devil comes in all disguises

Sometimes as a love you thought you wanted

But you really don’t.

Sometimes he promises you rain

Then gives you a drought

That lasts

For years.


Consumed in a riddle is a score

If you find it then you win the bet

Between you and I

And this treacherous pride of mine

That almost wants to let you win

Just so you can understand

What this so called ‘gift’ of mine

Has given to me.


I hand you a gavel

Tell you that you are judge, jury, and executioner

I then throw myself on the mercy of the court

Confess to shit I never even did.

Hand you a gun and extra ammunition

Because fuck knows the last time you shot

And I cannot promise that my pride won’t make me run.


The very next charlatan

That uses my writing

As a weapon against me

Will get a wrath


Ignored like fuck

Whichever I decide at the time.


Once I sat at the Vatican

Put my feet up on this marble table

Listening to people talk about how they feed the poor

In other nations

When I interject

To tell them right outside the door there are poor

They make up excuses

As to why they cannot feed them.

The rich are so stupid

All they have is money

No compassion for their neighbor

No willingness to assist a neighbor in need.


Because it is far superior to say you helped the poor

In another country

Than to say you sat with one the other day

In your neighborhood

Giving them money and a moment of your time.

Worthless pieces of shit

If you ask me.


Once upon a time there was a married man

That liked to play games on the computer

The games would consist of luring women

Making them think he was in love with them

Then walking away as quickly as he supposedly fell in love.

He loved breaking hearts..


Speaking of love

I love watching dominoes fall..

I love the sound they make as they hit the floor..


The end.



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