His Kind of Crazy

An arrow shot in the direction of you

But for no other reason than sin.

We’ve taken what we can of the others

Yet nobody knew when this fight would begin.

Someone once fell in a field of ashes

After a fire destroyed the town.

I stood right in the middle of it yelling

In this beautiful yellow gown.

Once upon a time there was a love

I couldn’t feel, or take.

He took parts of me little by little

The entire ordeal was fake.

A small country lifted the ban on life

You could now live life as you please.

Nobody understood the rules they imposed

Nor the reason for the untreated disease.

There were rows and rows of corn in Nebraska

That someone took time to plant.

I wanted to take a couple home

But the farmer said I can’t.

Hues of green lifted by fog

Left in spades of gray.

They wanted me to give a speech one time

But nothing could get me to stay.

The simple pleasures of life seem to bore me

They are regimented and not refined.

I like my fun in waves of danger

But why isn’t clearly defined.

I’m a sudden impact when nothing is around

A moment that is a bit hazy.

You may shake your head at his love for me

But I’m exactly his kind of crazy.



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