My skin is soft as leather

It would feel perfectly upon yours.


Yesterday I cocked a gun

Not really, I just like saying that word.

I’m a little naughty around the edges

But in a library can be a nerd.


I can be a nasty whore in your bed

Then a lady with your mom.

I’m the cure for what is right

And everything that is wrong.


Today I spent with someone

That may or may not really care.

I’m a believer that the heart is true

So I lie and flip my hair.


I’ll stand out in a rainstorm

Screaming at it to stop.

Then angry because we have no rain

Until someone calls a cop.


Crazed are my undertones

With a little sanity involved.

I’m not a perfect sense of loss

But I’m not a mystery solved.


If they said “who are you?”

Or “who do you want to be?”

I’m a perfect sense of disorder

Just honestly simply me.

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