Looking Out For Number One

Did you finally have some fun that night?

Did you finally get your way?

Did you plant a seed inside a lie,

And find someone who doesn’t live so far away?


They had this beautiful plan

He would enter the temple

Then kiss a rose

And I’d make him feel happy to be a man.


Taking compulsion to a whole new level

Then blaming everyone else around.

Did you watch the fire burn?

Or just fuck her right there on the ground?


He laid into me like an angel

Which took me by surprise

I had talked so much of the lie that was ‘us’

And he heard my angry cries.


You listened as people told you

To look out for number one

The problem is the woman you would hurt

By having all this fun.


I danced tenderly with a friend last night

Then made love with him all night long.

I don’t have to fight for his attention

And we already have a song.


You listen to the wind

While I am steady as a rock

I’ll have a love you never will

All you will have is talk.


I cried a thousand tears one day

Then got absolutely furious.

Is there a man, anywhere

That takes love this serious?


All fun and games to you

As you toy and poke and prod.

“Lets go out tonight, my friend

And find you a nice loose broad.”


While I was opening my heart and soul

Pining at the thought of you gone

You had already left the scene

The curtains were already drawn.


Last night, after making love for hours

I turned and asked him not to make me a toy.

He said “I could never do that to you, my love

I’m a man, not a boy.”





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