Aptly Named

When you pull her close and she won’t look at you.. Maybe it is because she thinks at some point you will let her go.

When you tell her you love her and she stands there speechless… Maybe it is because everyone that ever said that to her lied.

When you tell her you want to spend the rest of your life with her and she shakes her head.. Maybe because everyone that ever said that is gone.

When you reach out to touch her and she flinches.. Maybe it is because someone hurt her terribly.

When you give up trying to please her.. Maybe you are the last one she would have ever given a chance to.


A wicked woman once devoured you

Not you sit alone in a room

Waiting for the night to finally come.


When the shoe falls from the other foot

You bail when you see the soot

Then wonder why nobody wants to stay.


A phoenix rises from the ash

Leaves with all your ill gotten cash

Now you are out to settle that score yourself.


A treacherous man takes your heart away

Finds another and begins to play

You wonder why you gave your heart at all.


He calls again when that woman walks

You have nightly calls with very long talks

But nothing takes you back to where you were.


Two are distressed from the same misdeed

What you want you may not need

Life’s lessons are so painful sometimes I know.


Can strangers love after such a fall?

Do they ever break down the wall?

The one that keeps them protected and safe yet unloved.


A few short breaths is all it takes

A touch of skin, then your heart wakes

All is settled within your perfect storm.


Aptly named a second try

Hoping this one doesn’t end with a cry

You test the waters, then dive in like a boss.





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