Before Me

He stands before me

As I’ve always wished

But I know not what to do first.

So he takes my hand

Kisses me gently on the lips

Then runs his hand down my ribs.

I let out a light sigh as the touch of him

Excites me to the point

I want to rip his clothes off.


Sweating pounding torture

I can feel it from here

There are no lies in the atmosphere

No room for my tenacious fear.


Cries of ecstasy heard far away

As he reaches for the cord

Around my wrists they go for now

Then the hot liquid is poured.


All of our love is now given out

As we tend to those carnal lusts

It seems to tame the wicked beast

With each furious thrust.


After all the passion ceases

We lay spent on the floor

All of us wanting to rest

But both wanting even more.


He stands before me

And I undress him

So I can see

What I love

About every



Of his body.



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