Never Let Go

We decided on a private location

Not close to where either of us lived

So we would have no distraction at all.

Phones were turned off

We had no computers

There was simply he

And I.


Lace suited him best

So we put it to the test

But honestly, it didn’t last for very long.

Ripped clothing all over the floor

Neither of us concerned with the door

Unless the food was scheduled to arrive.

Melting like butter yet tasting like wine

Everything around us giving the sign

That we are the explosion this planet had always been waiting for.

His kiss was surreal

His grace was unreal

And it all made me want more of him inside of me.

An entire week of nothing but us

Leaning, wanting, yearning without fuss

These months of anticipation were killing us inside.

It was on that very first day

I said “I’m not a game you are going to play

If you hold me in your arms, you can never let go.”

I’ve been the unholy wife

Lived single in this disguising life

Now I want to be a part of you.





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