A Little Piece of Wonderful

I hold in my hand

Just a little piece

Of something wonderful.

While everything else

Hangs by a thread

I know I have this little piece

Of something amazing.


A shell of the person I was before

With a daunting reminder of what all this is for

Time spent wasted trying to make everyone sane.


Memories, and hardly any are good

Was hoping I wasn’t crazy, just misunderstood

Now I’m really fine with who I am.


I’ve only ever truly wanted peace

A life not spoiled by what everyone could fleece

Somehow I got the short end of that stick.


Born by two drunks too busy to care

Left me blissfully unaware

Of the cost of nobody wanting the child that was me.


Today I have a solid rock

He’ll never ever take a walk

I’m glad to say I finally have that now.


Something wonderful that I can treasure

A love that you just cannot measure

Beats all the asses that ever walked out of my life.


Tonight I’ll sleep in my nice warm bed

With thoughts of him all in my head

As life has finally turned around for me at last.



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