Fickle Little Bitch

You waste your energy saying my name

In the presence of anyone

Let alone ilk like you.

Waste a perfectly good and clear thought

When you think of me

Because other than right this second

I haven’t thought of you once.

Wasting your crocodile tears

Trying to get yourself laid

In a country

Where obviously they don’t have much standards

Because you’ve had ass before

More than once

Which leaves us

Shaking our heads

Wondering who was that drunk?

You waste your time and energy trying to explain

What I spent seconds ignoring

And wishing away.

Wasting precious moments

In a precarious life

Is so childlike

Because us adults know

Tomorrow is not promised

But  you children don’t think of that.


The only thing I realized

By knowing you

Is I like men

Real, genuine, caring, loving men

And you

Your just a fickle little bitch.

igniting my past

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