Have you ever wondered where inspiration comes from when writing a poem? Most probably assume it always has something to do with me, and most of the time that assumption is completely wrong.

I Really Don’t Want This – I spent the weekend with a dear friend of over 30 years that just got out of a domestic violence situation. She told me a story of a man that she went to high school with that was going to ‘rescue’ her from it, and turned out to be what she really didn’t want. The beginning of the poem is about looking out a window because she said she always kept looking out the window towards the street to see if he had pulled up or not. Obviously he never did, and in the end, she didn’t want it anyway.

You Want Her – For those of you that read my other blog, my friend “M” is who I wrote this about. She’s recently put herself on a dating site that has become my muse for a couple of writes and this was one of them.

Something – This actually did come from me, I had listened to a story of a friend that met her husband, dated for 2 years, engaged for 3 years, and married for 3 years, then divorced. I just kept thinking the entire time she was talking that the 5 years leading up to a 3 year marriage you would think ‘something’ would have told one of them that it wasn’t as magical and wonderful as they thought it was.

Just Because – I clearly have no idea where this came from. Even before I began typing this out, I was trying to remember what I was thinking or doing, and honestly, I was driving along and it just absolutely came out. There was no huge inspiration or forethought, it really did just come out exactly as it was written.

Delightfully Deranged – This really is about a person I know. I even deleted writing about this like 4 times. I took him, twisted it up a little bit, and wrote about it. I really don’t know what else to say about it. A couple of things in it are true, we are bonded by a tragedy, and he really can go from sounding like a pothead to a genius in minutes, the other stuff I just made a bit more colorful for fun.

On Your Chin – Yea, this is about “M” again. She is so desperate to find someone, anyone, that would just slip right into the role of husband and father that she isn’t even paying attention to anything else. Great fodder for writing, bad for actual life.

I don’t know if anyone is even decently interested in how I get inspiration to write poems, and I’m sure nobody thinks I could possibly be feeling all these crazy ways really, unless I had some kind of disorder, which, you know would probably probably help in writing, I mean, that way I wouldn’t have to take notes to write a poem about something that happened to someone else.

Love is easy to write about, and if you are searching for an autobiography, it isn’t going to be in my writing. I don’t have enough things going on in my daily, or even monthly life to write about the things I do. So, I get the inspiration from friends, family, and Game of Thrones, when it returns, that is.

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