I’ll Finally Let You Win

I really want to fight you

I’d like to call you out.

A stranger hidden between the lines

Of an angry and regrettable shout.

Not really one to play games

Though yours, I fell right in.

Isn’t the mark of ungodliness

The essence of a sin?

But I’m not here for karma

That will be your final cuff.

Just can’t wait for her to show up

It doesn’t happen fast enough.

Let down your guard with me again

Show up without your armor.

Like that picture you took in the park

Where you looked like an angry farmer.

Knew when you sent the picture

Of a rather fuzzy penis.

You weren’t exactly playing for keeps

Nor were you a genius.

Today I’m feeling a bit stronger

I think I could take you on.

Would call you out in person,

But I don’t know where you’ve gone.

I will, of course, be pleading innocent

As I never really had a chance.

I’m a victim of adoption;

A product of my circumstance.

You will look like a bully

That just beat up a girl,

A big, ugly, sweaty beast

That just destroyed a pearl.

So let’s get down and dirty

See how these chips fall.

Realizing the way you will come at me

Is a slow, and drunken crawl.

You slowly take off your jacket

Which isn’t the way we begin.

Just this once

Just today, I’ll really let you win.

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