Did Anyone Hear That?

Muffled crying in the distance

We just can’t seem to hear.

Well beyond our busy lives

We just can’t lend an ear.

Did anyone hear the sound

Of that teen about to take the fall?

Did you know, just that night,

She had nobody in the world left to call?

Why is it only after the death

We say we’d gladly answer the phone,

Yet everyday we walk past those

That can barely let out a moan?

Did anyone hear the cries

Of a child ripped away?

Does it matter that it happened thirty years ago

Or does it have to happen today?

Why is it we tell those people

They really just need to carry on?

Why does it only matter to us

After that person is gone?

Does anyone hear the sound

Of a little girl crying every night?

Once she was old enough to walk away

She finally gave up the fight.

We blamed her for the life she chose

When we weren’t there for her at all.

Now she climbed upon a bridge

Screaming to her fall.

Did anyone hear the silence

Of a world turning its back?

Takes a thousands deaths for us to realize

We may be on the wrong track.

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