Shadows dance across the sunset

Causing winds to blow in objection.

Bringing water in the atmosphere

Moisture surrounds the advection.

Sensuality isn’t enough

The pain still causes the crutch.

Licks that comes in punishment

For all the women you touch.

Fluidity is what caused the spurn

Rejection made of cement.

Growing whispers among the crew

Nobody can taste the scent.

Waxes harmously in visions

The taste of the crime

Lost is the innocence

Lust is the man sublime.

Shining embers of the dance

For every step that you take.

Leaves no woman untouched

As you continue to set up your stake.

Carved in rivers everywhere

Women’s souls lay at your feet

Changing forces in the wind

Takes you to your next feast.

Never is your craving fulfilled

Stoic shadows still hide in vain

Every breast you see

Reminds you of your pain.

Finally, I stand to ask a question

About your ability to condemn

What will do with all these ladies hearts..

Eat them?

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