Beautiful Mistake

Made into a human

By the clumsy hands of fate.

Cast out, like a demon

By the searing vows of hate.

Never one to take a gamble

She always rolls the dice.

Some say she is terribly mean

While others claim she is nice.

Spurned by a angry crutch

She stands to takes the pain.

Though honestly, admittedly,

She’s nothing good to gain.

History repeats in her life

As people walk away.

There isn’t anything she does

That will ever get them to stay.

Almost as if there is a lesson

Somewhere in her to learn.

That with rejection is bitter pain

But love in each bitter spurn.

There is nothing that you could point at

Would make this story ache.

She is a simple reminder of love gone wrong

And an absolutely beautiful mistake.

*Written 10.22.12*

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