Your Eyes

Your eyes melt the walls around my heart
marble blue drips purr deep within my soul,
carefully undressing my mind,
leaving you etched for eternity on my breast
I am lost in pools of you
willingly drenched inside your fire,
see how I dance with light,
no more the blind, I live your eyes
You take me to where the night is empty
muted moonbeams sail on distant wakes,
glittering bulbs as black as the sky,
all the stars are serenade your eyes tonight
Scenes of you are in shadows at noon
I have lost myself in your essence
feeling traces of you in the wind
loves light always returns me to your heart.
Embers burn holes in the vastness of doubt
creeping within the distant shores.
Talking blindly of what they do not know
touching only forces of souls.

*Completed 1.28.12* Collaboration with Steve Scott *

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