Could Have

As I sit and type in infamy
I remember all the deeds,
One had a heady heart
But never any needs. 
I could have been the one
That made up the pack of lies
Yet hardly was the season 
For the empty aching cries.
Silence is my atmosphere
In all its sudden glory
A noise would be nice today
But that's another story.
It got terribly cold at my home
Had to turn up the heater
Yesterday, in a tremendous leap
I got rid of the aching cheater.
Today I'm left with three
Hanging by a rope
To watch them struggle to stay alive
Gives me so much hope.
Maybe tomorrow I'll let them down
Gasping for some air
Today I'm not much for acting
Or pretending like I care.
I could have been the one
I keep whispering in their ear
Maybe tomorrow they lose hope
Then all intentions become clear.

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