A Place to Die

Used to be looking for a place to make memories
To raise children in a warm house full of love.
Put up Christmas trees and take them down
Knowing it is now behind us and we can move into Spring.
Many years of making a comfortable home
With many hours of cooking, baking, and preparing meals
Giving baths and taking showers.
Teaching things like tying shoes and trimming nails. 
Little memories of reading books and taking naps
Watering plants that we adored
Taking walks and little arguments. 
I used to be looking for a place to make a life
To build a foundation for children
They could rely on
For the rest of their lives.

Now they are grown
And I'm just looking
For a place to die. 

2 thoughts on “A Place to Die

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  1. I had done this however it wasn’t in the cards for me to have the life I had always dreamed of as a young girl. Married was having our 1st Child and we lost him that was in 1985. My husband totally changed he became at the time I had never heard of : He turned into a narcissist! Wanting the power to control everyone. I divorced him. He turned that into a nightmare 18 yrs later he is still mentally abused me and our children. Then Oct 2018 I lost my 2 boys and daughter in Law. So I have the kind of future you’ve wrote about. What a beautiful thing.

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